The undisputed effectiveness of viper venom

Why viper serum is used as a natural remedy by Kate MossVictoria BeckhamGwyneth Paltrow o Katie Holmes? Unnecessary exoticism or real effectiveness? Let us try to shed some light on this subject.

As you know, the viper is not a commonly seen animal, but rather: whether due to cultural heritage or a real danger, it is best to stay away. Why?

Vipers are characterised by a triangular-shaped head, a squat body and a short, tapering tail. They have a gland located in the posterior and lateral region of the head that produces a venom consisting of a high percentage of water, several highly toxic albumins and other enzymatic proteins that affect tissues, blood coagulation and sometimes the nervous system. In order to inoculate this venom, they use long, mobile, canalised fangs which, when bitten, penetrate the skin of the prey and inject the venom. Sounds like a scene from a horror film! But then why should we use this poisonous and toxic substance?  Viper serum has the effect of locking the prey’s muscles, making it unable to move, and it is for this reason that it is used in cosmetics.

By extracting this protein, scientists were able to synthesise molecules with the same power: SIN®-AKE.  By recreating this miracle molecule in the laboratory, it is possible to use it safely while avoiding the exploitation or mistreatment of animals.

How SYN®-AKE technology works
SYN®-AKE adder serum is a small peptide thatmimics the activityof Waglerin1, the polypeptide found in adder venom. Just as natural viper venom would do, the innovative SYN®-AKE  helps to combat fine lines and wrinkles by reducing the contraction of facial muscles, leaving a smooth complexion without the need to inject substances such as Botox (which is another toxin derived from botulinum). This active ingredient does not ‘freeze’ facial movement like botox, so the face will retain its normal expressive capacity.

The effective smoothing and anti-wrinkle properties of the serum SYN®-AKE have been demonstrated in a study with 45 participants. volunteers who were asked to try three products: the first contained no active substance (in order to consider the placebo effect), the second had a substance with peptide-like properties among its ingredients and the third was a cream containing SIN®-AKE viper serum. Well, the study showed that only  28 days of use of the cream with SIN®-AKE led to an increase in the number of patients with SIN®-AKE. important reduction of wrinkles.

Durnova Cosmetics Viper Cream

Viper Cream

Because of its proven and excellent anti-wrinkle properties, we decided to create a cream containing Syn®-AKE viper serum  boosted by other effective ingredients such as sweet almond oil, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and damask rose. The viper serum cream reduces the signs of skin ageing, eliminates tiredness from the face giving an immediate tensor effect and renews the epidermis without altering the hydrolipidic balance.

Recommended for both mature and younger skin.