Spelled Bakuchiol, read perfect skin

Esiste una crema anti rughe, esfoliante, che contrasta le macchie e aiuta a mantenere giovane la pelle? YES! BAKUCHIOL

Is there a serum with the same effects as retinol but without its contraindications? YES! BAKUCHIOL

Is there a plant-based day/night cream with the best natural ingredients that work in synergy? YES! BAKUCHIOL

The active ingredient in the cream Yes! Bakuchiol is Babchi oil or Bakuchiol, extracted from the seeds of the Babchi plant native to India and known as a widely used ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine. This oil has been used for thousands of years as a natural medicine against many skin problems and laboratory studies have scientifically corroborated the effectiveness of the substances extracted from the plant, which have properties antioxidant, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. Babchi oil is used to regenerate, rejuvenate and revitalise the skin and is even effective against blemishes, in some cases even vitiligo. According to studies carried out by the Società degli scienziati cosmeticie dalla British Journal Dermatology, retinol and bakuchiol have very similar anti-wrinkle properties and effects, but unlike retinol, bakuchiol has very similar properties and effects.Babchi oildoes not have the usual contraindications, such as skin irritation or photosensitivity, and it can also be used during or after bathing. pregnancy. In these studies, Bakuchiol was incorporated into the formulation of a skincare product and its effects on the face were tested twice a day: the results showed, after 12 weeks of treatment, a clear improvement in wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, elasticity and firmness, and an overall reduction in photo-ageing, all without the undesirable effects associated with retinol therapy. Vitamin A increases the sensitivity of the skin, especially to sun exposure (which is why it is only applied at night) and can cause redness. The Bakuchiol therefore bridged the gap between retinol and sensitive skin and can be used both in the morning and in the evening, as it does not make the skin photosensitive. To add it to your daily beauty routine, all you have to do is start using it, as the skin does not need any training due to its delicacy. In addition, the Bakuchiol has a slight effect exfoliating and helps to eliminate dead cells: this scrub stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, so that the skin is more supple and supple. more elastic and younger-looking skin. Babchi oil also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterialproperties, which make it an excellent aid against acne, quickly reducing skin inflammation. For all these reasons, Durnova Cosmetics has selected pure Babchi oil, together with other ingredients with proven beneficial effects, to create a cream and serum that are powerful beauty allies. The cream has a slower and longer-lasting action, while the serum, being an aqueous solution and having on average double the amount of active ingredient, can be applied when the desired effect must be immediate. Are Durnova Cosmetics cream and serum created and produced in Italy? YES! BAKIUCHIOL