Hydroalcoholic Hand Sanitising Spray 10PZ


A spray that effectively destroys harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, ensuring personal hygiene for you and your loved ones.

A household cosmetic product that effectively destroys harmful microorganismsand ensures personal hygiene for you and your loved ones.

Hygienizing hydro-alcoholic spray for clean hands on the go. Thanks to its pocket-sized packaging and spray formulation, it can be used in any situation, allowing you to hygienise your handsand all objects with which you come into daily contact (when travelling, at school, in crowded environments, on public transport, shopping trolleys, handles, wallets, chairs, etc.), in effective and discreet way. Durnova’s hand sanitising hydro-alcoholic spray has been created to be more effective than conventional hand sanitisers. specific natural ingredients to increase its effectiveness against pathogens (bacteria, viruses) while respecting the skin of the hands. The hydro-alcoholic hand sanitiser spray is a fresh and pleasantly scented formulation with excellent active ingredients from organic farming, designed to gently cleanse and sanitise the hands. without rinsing; acts in seconds, dries quickly without leaving any residue and protects the softness of the hands. Contains: thyme mother tincture, lavender essential oil, vegetable glycerol, aloe vera extract.

Full coverage when used in conjunction with hand sanitiser gel.

The Hand Sanitising Hydroalcoholic Spray is supplied in a 10-pack convenience pack.

Formulated and produced in Italy.

Alcoholic sanitiser

Thyme mother tincture

Lavender essential oil

Aloe Vera extract


Instructions for use: Hand hygiene: Spray a small amount of product onto the skin and massage in evenly until completely absorbed.

Object hygiene: Spray directly where needed, leave on for a few minutes.

lngredients: Alchool, Aqua, Thymus vulgaris Extract , propylene glycole, aloe barbadensis extract, glycerin lavandula angustifolia oil, phenoxyethanol ethylhexyl glycerin.

Made in italy

Weight 200 g


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