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How can I purchase products from Durnova Cosmetics?
Buying on our e-commerce is very simple.

Choose the product or promotion to buy, select the desired quantity and click ADD TO CART. To proceed with payment, click on VIEW CART next to the icon located in the upper right corner. The list of selected items will appear and it will be possible to change the quantity or eliminate them from the cart. In case you want to save the choice of products already in the cart, click on SAVE CURRENT CART IN THE SHOPPING LIST, so you can make the purchase later. If you want to proceed with the purchase click on COMPLETE PURCHASE, enter the required data and make the payment. It is also possible to make an immediate payment through Paypal by clicking on PAYPAL FAST CASH. At this point you have the option to click on the icon on the left CONTINUE SHOPPING (which allows you to return to the choice of products and then add others to the cart), or the right PROCEED WITH ORDER (which leads to the registration page / payment)[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]The payment methods currently available are:

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